Ragdoll Kittens For Sale Locating A Legitimate Breeder

April 12, 2019

in Cats

When looking to find ragdoll kittens for sale you need to locate a legitimate breeder. A legitimate breeder will provide all information that you ask for and not hold anything back when they have ragdoll kittens for sale. They should have the full history of the breeding details and provide you with what you need to do next. A good breeder will tell you that you need to have your pet vaccinated and keep up with boosters. The breeder would be interested in knowing that the cat is going to a good home.

It is an interesting fact that ragdoll kittens are born entirely white. This is because inside the cat they are very warm and consequently no pigment is produced. When they are born the cold air makes them produce pigment and their colour starts to show on the body parts that don’t have as much heat.

Ragdolls are beautiful cats with a temperament that is very gentle. They love to be loved although they are not usually lap cats and won’t sit on your knee. Extremely loving and faithful these make excellent pets. Because of being placid a child could pull the fur on the cat without being bitten. Unlike other cats that would react badly to a child pulling their fur. All Ragdolls have different personalities but, do have similar traits in common. Being gentle is one of these traits that the Ragdoll shares.

These kittens have many different colours and some are quite unusual like lilac or red. They also have different patterns such as, colour point, bi colour, van and mitted. They make fabulous pets especially in a family with small children as they are so placid and not aggressive in any way.

Ragdolls are often on show because they are so well behaved and look so beautiful. Before a show these cats must be groomed properly with their fur brushed properly. They have semi long coats and stunning blue eyes.

The original breeders tried to copy the temperament of these cats simply because they are so gentle. Cats like the ragdoll are highly intelligent and loving. Being laid back, gentle spoken and not bothered how they spend each day.

It is not advisable to let these cats out as many people would try to steal them. They should only be let out under strict supervision, but they can easily escape through a hole in the fence or get stuck up a tree unable to get down. They are the least aggressive cat in every way.

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