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April 1, 2010

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Metro transport system is the foundation of public transport system in Paris and it satisfies the travellers in France, one of Europe’s largest countries.

Just looking at a Paris metro map alone can be a bewildering experience appearing more similar to a work of modern art with its myriad of different coloured lines each standing for a route on the Paris metro system.

The experienced 100-plus year old metro system in Paris is among the oldest in the world and it runs on 15 different lines that are named after their stations.

Nearly 368 metro stations are covered by about 200 kilometres of track in Paris. You can reach these metro stations which are located close to any given point in Paris, normally within 500 meters. Choice is of course yours.

How many times you are going to use the metro service in Paris and what type of ticket you need to buy depend on some elements. If you are staying in the centre of Paris you need not use the metro that much.

A lot of memorials and museums are found within walking distance of one another. So it is sufficient if you buy a single metro ticket for a certain place.

In almost all the metro stations attendants are ready to assist the travellers in buying metro tickets from ticket booths. Many tourists who spend only one week in Paris and who would use metro system to the maximum buy what is called a ‘carnet’. A carnet includes 10 metro tickets given at a discount and which enables the tourist to travel in Paris metro 10 times.

Alternatively, you can buy an orange Paris metro ticket. This ticket allows you unlimited journey on the metro for a week. Prices of both these tickets depends on how many zones you intend to travel through, so it’s a good idea to figure out where you want to go during the week and only buy a ticket for those zones so as to save money.

Travellers from the US can purchase special tickets known as Paris Visites, which allow you limitless use on the whole RATP network. Paris Visites can be bought on the internet before you set out to France.

French ski resorts are some of the most well reputed on the planet. For further info about the Paris underground ticket follow the link herein.

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