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March 29, 2010

in Cats

Although no pet owner wants to see their furry friends suffering with the itching, and hair loss caused by mange, many want to avoid costly drugs, and putting their pet through yet another vet visit. What are the most commonly used home-made remedies, and most useful household items that can be used against mange? Read on to learn about the best mange home remedy.

There are two kinds of mange referred to with that same title. The most common is demodectic mange, which is proven to be the result of poor immunity. The mites that cause it are native organisms on dogs’ fur, but many puppies and sickly dogs and cats do not have the ability to balance their population, which results in hair loss, and a possible bacterial infection. The second kind is known as scabbies, a plight to any mammal, often procured by living in squalor conditions.

One typical chemical found in many households is borax, a powder normally used in insecticide, and pool water balancing. If applied to the patch of hair loss directly, the chemical properties of the powder will absorb all moisture from the microscopic infestation, and destroy their eggs. Unfortunately it can have the same effect on the dog’s skin, and may be extremely harmful if ingested or inhaled by medium and small breeds.

Vaseline is another man-made option that is easy to find and often used for mite killing. The jelly material leaves no room for air when spread liberally onto a sore spot, literally smothering the mites out of existence. Vaseline does not absorb into the skin, and can be hard to keep applied if a dog licks, scratches, or rolls on the mange site.

Because the most common mange is a sign of immune deficiency, these prior two suggestions equate to more of a band aid then a permanent cure. Drying up and smothering the mites to put a halt in their life cycle will get rid of them for the time being, but as demodectic mites are native on dogs, they will likely be a returning problem without a significant boost in immunity.

A fact that comes as a surprise to some people is that dogs are able to digest and reap the benefits of many of the natural supplements and immunity boosting herbs that humans take for themselves. One of the most universally powerful is garlic. It is high in the necessary vitamins and molecules needed to fight off bacteria, viruses, and even parasites. Crushed into a paste, garlic can be applied like a topical ointment to the affected skin, killing the mites, and absorbing into the body to aid in immunity.

If a quick test for allergies shows a dog or cat is okay with them, tea tree and neem plants are an excellent skin treatment to aid in the elimination of any infection and bites. Their cleaning abilities are considered quite powerful, and diluted forms are consistently held as components of natural human mouthwash, toothpaste, and deodorant. Taken as a concentrated oil, these extracts can be applied very lightly to the affected spots in frequent intervals to disinfect the area and sooth itching.

Every pet owner wants to learn about the best mange home remedy that can be found, and often, vets will suggest a change in diet. After the immediate curing of the animal’s condition, it is important to note; Pets on a high nutritional food that includes many leafy greens and a variety of vegetables and protein will fair the strongest against all health challenges, especially against pests and parasites like mange.

Find the best mange home remedy for your cat or dog today! When you use an effective home remedy for mange, your cat or dog will use immediate relief from itching and other symptoms.

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