Ready To Buy A Scratching Post? A Few Useful Tips

August 28, 2010

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If your furniture is all scratched, if your curtains are shredded and your carpets look like after a war siege, than I’m sure you’re the happy owner of a kitty! When all the above mentioned ‘disasters’ happen, most people get angry with their little furry friends. However, one must not forget that scratching is a natural healthy instinct that helps cats survive and exercise.

Don’t even think about punishing your kitty for behaving normally! She will not understand you, continuing to scratch, this time with an ‘attitude’. Declawing is another bad option – this procedure is painful and has severe side-effects on your pet’s health.

This apparently complicated problem has a very simple solution. All you have to do is buy a cat scratching post! It will allow your kitty to scratch and stretch for as long as she wants, ignoring your new furniture.

You can find many different types of scratching posts on the market. The most common one is the vertical sisal-covered pole which is perfect for most cats, reminding them of the base of a tree. However, for pets with more ‘exquisite’ tastes there are also carpet or cardboard covered scratching posts and also simple wooden posts. The more sophisticated types (especially appropriate for little kittens) include cat gyms, cat condos and cat trees.

Even if it seems difficult, choosing the right scratching post is a simple matter. The first thing you should do is observe your kitty’s preferences. Some cats prefer to scratch horizontally, others – vertically. Some prefer sisal rope, others the soft texture of carpet, others – cardboard. All you have to do is choose the post accordingly!

Another good idea is to measure your cat – literally – and make sure that she is not taller than the post. In fact, the post should be higher than your cat, allowing her to stretch fully. Don’t forget that a good post is sturdy – light posts can easily collapse when scratched with a little more ‘enthusiasm’. For little kittens, toys are extremely beneficial, triggering even more playing, climbing and stretching.

It’s also important to install the post in a ‘strategic’ place. If your cat’s favorite scratching spot is the kitchen wooden cabinet, that’s where the post should be placed! Avoid installing it in a dark storage room – kitties with normal self-respect will never go and play in such a place. After all, they like to socialize and show off a little – why not use this to your own advantage?

When you teach your kitty to use the scratching post, don’t forget that you’re dealing with a feline, not a dog! Cats don’t know what ‘obedience’ means – they are proud and independent creatures that do only what they want. That’s why strictness will not have any positive results. Use patience and encouragements instead – this way the cat will understand on her own that scratching the post feels much better than damaging your new couch!

With a scratching post, you’ll soon forget about the stress of seeing how your new things are being destroyed. You’ll be calm and your kitty will be extremely content, being able to manifest her natural needs. However, don’t forget that cats are very clean animals. They will not scratch a filthy, smelling post – that’s why you have to give it a good wash when you notice that it got dirty.

If you want to stop your kitty from scratching your furniture in a safe and pet-friendly way, check out Lauren Brooks’ site about the benefits of the cat scratching post. Here you can also find many useful tips that will help you choose the best cat scratching post for your little kitten.

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