Red Persian Cats A Breed Apart

November 3, 2009

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Today the Persian Cats have number of different color coats and as such they have to be put into certain category to make it somewhat simple to recognize them.

To make it simpler the Persian cats have been categorized on the basis of their coat color. You can see from the examples here as to how they are called, Silver Shadowed, Golden Shadowed, and Cameo Shaded and of course Red Persian cats.

Originally the Persian cats had white colored under coat with layers of various color tips on the coat hair which is called ticking. But now you can see absolutely new colors like blue cream due to cross breeding of these cats.

Pure white albino Persian cats are very uncommon and you will see Persian cats with red coats just like ordinary cats. The shade of red that you find in the Persian variety is not a pure shade of red which you may assume but it is more on the shades of orange or ginger with variation. You will find hints of brown or white on the tips or all red. Most of the red Persian cats nevertheless have a red coat all over.

Coming to the features of red Persians they have red chin and lips just like its coat. The paws and the nose leather is brick red. When you see the eyes you will find that they are of a brilliant copper shade unlike that of blue-green or green of Chinchillas or Silver Shaded. The beauty of the Persian cats lie in their black rimmed eyes which makes you believe that they are wearing eye makeup and the red Persian have similar eye rims like others.

You would notice that red colors can occur with patches of different colors like cream, white and cameo also. Let us take the Smoke Tortoiseshell Persian that has a layer of white under coat and deep black tips which stand out prominently with random patches of red and cream on the tips too which makes it look like a tortoiseshell.

The extent of color patterns that you can find in this breed of Persian cat is amazing and there are cats of this variety with blazing red or cream tips on the face which many people find attractive.

You will see that most of the breeds of Persian cats like Shaded, Golden Shaded or Chinchilla have eyes shaded green or blue green. Only the Tortoiseshell Persian cat and the Red colored cat families have eyes that are of shining copper colored.

The Red Persian cat tends to be fluffier as well, and has a large mane, but the same stubby legs and stocky physic along with the punched face and darkened rimmed eyes. Its chin and lips tend to be of the same color as its coat.

There are many different types of Persian kittens including Himalayan persian cats. If you are really interested in purchasing red persian cats click on the links for more detailed info.

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