Remedy For That Itch In Your Dog

July 11, 2015

in Cat Health

Do you own a pet dog? If you do the following article will be helpful to you. As you might already know dogs actually do suffer from allergies just like we do. There are a lot of remedies for such dog allergies. One of the remedies is to use honey.

But a note in advance: The use of honey to treat dog allergies usually works only for seasonal-induced or environmental allergies. Meaning allergies that are triggered during certain times of the year ” like winter or summer or caused by the environment like fleas or dust mites.

Ok so why is honey so effective in treating certain classes of dog allergies? Firstly, honey contains local pollen which in small doses allows your pet dogs to consume it without risk. This is akin to how antibodies work in vaccines. Small exposures of pollen to the dogs immune system will help to build up resistance against seasonal/environmental induced factors.

Secondly, honey by itself has the ability to heal. For us, when we have a sore throat, what do we do? Thats right; we drink a warm glass of honey. Many people have also used honey to recover from wounds and various skin problems, either by consuming it or applying on the affected areas.

Of course it is not so simple as to just buy honey off the market-shelf, start to feed your affected dog and volia the allergies disappear. It is a little more complicated than that. The key factor that makes the use of honey effective against these kinds of dog allergies is to let your pet consume honey produced from your area. Let me repeat that again: Get honey that is grown and produce from where you live. The simple reason being that honey grown locally has the pollens which is native to your dogs environment. This will then really build up resistance against allergic agents where your dog lives. It makes little sense to feed your dog honey made from the other side of the globe. Unless you are planning to bring your dog for a vacation there that is.

Some more tips for feeding your dogs honey: remember that if your dog is larger in size they may need greater quantities of honey for it to work. General rule of thumb is one tablespoon for large dogs and less than one tablespoon for small dogs. You can even mix the honey into your pets food if they dont like licking off a spoon!

Give it about a months time and the effects of the honey should start to work. Hope that helps.

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