Ringworm Treatments for Your Dog

February 8, 2010

in Cat Health

Ringworm in dogs is very common. A lot of other animals, including the human animal are also susceptible to ringworm. .

Bald spots on your dogs skin is usually an hint of a ringworm infection. Ringworm causes the hair follicles in the infected area to harden and break off at the base. The dog’s skin that can be seen through the missing hair typically looks like a ring with raised edges. There might be a pale spot in the middle. It regularly causes your dog to become itchy and uncomfortable. The dog’s skin may also become crusty, scaly, or red.

Scratching the rash will likely cause the rash to spread to other areas of the dog’s body. If the dog comes into contact with furniture the rash can easily spread to humans from this indirect contact.

If your dogs is showing signs of ringworm it is most likely time to take it to your local veterinarian. The vet will be able to take a sample of the skin and make a correct diagnosis. The test commonly takes between one and two weeks to come back with a diagnosis. Your vet will then suggest a remedy. There are several unique treatments available to rid your dog of ringworm. All are easy to do and just take persistence. As ringworm has a 10 incubation period between exposure and actual signs to the rash, it can be hard to fully get rid of. Thoroughness in cleaning of the all potential areas of contact is essential. Medication will most likely be prescribed to your dog and should be given on a each day basis. Even though there are creams that can be given to dogs, on average they do not work merely because it is easy for your dog to rub or lick the cream off. The most effectual form of treatment is through an anti fungal shampoo. Shampoo is effective on dogs as you wash the entire dogs body, not just the infection. This helps clean up up the existing rash as well as any fungus spores that may have not totally incubated.

As previously mentioned it is imperative to treat your home along with your pet dog for ringworm. Clean dog bedding every day with hot water and bleach. Also wipe down any areas where your dog may have made contact with object, furniture, fixtures etc. Using the ringworm shampoo on them even if they do not have ringworm will not hurt them. The worst thing you can do with ringworm is to not treat it fully. So, when your dog is diagnosed with it, make sure to do everything you need to do everyday and when symptoms subside in your dog, take it back to the vet and have them retest your dog’s hair to ensure that the fungus is in fact gone.

Accurately spotting ringworm in you dog is crucial to successful treatment. For more information click on the link http://RingwormRemedy.com.slhost3.com and while your browsing sign up for our free email mini-course “10 Steps to Curing Ringworm”

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