Selecting a Pet Grooming Table

November 1, 2018

in Cats

It’s very difficult to choose a pet grooming table. There are so many options out there it can be positively frustrating trying to make a choice. When you look online all you see are flashy ads for professional products that may or may not be outside your price range. So what do consumers actually need when they look for a pet grooming table? There are several tips that can help you make the best choice.

When selecting a pet grooming table, it is important to understand your needs. Are you a casual groomer looking to spruce up your pooch on the weekends, or are you a serious groomer looking to start or supplement a business? For the casual groomer, there are many great folding tables available that can be stored while not in use. For the expert full time groomer, a freestanding, permanent-setup table may be a better option.

Another important factor to consider is what kind of animal you are going to be grooming. If you are grooming a cat, youll only need a relatively small table with a small harness. If youre grooming a dog, youll need a much larger, sturdier table. Be aware that large dogs can be a handful if you put them on a table, so it can often be better to come to their level and groom them on the ground.

A common pitfall for consumers is the online shopping craze. While buying online can be very convenient, it can often lead to consumers buying products that don’t exactly line up with their needs. The best way to avoid this is to read the literature carefully. Check product specifications and components. Make sure that the materials that the grooming table is made of are sturdy enough to support your animal, and double check the height measurements against a similar table in your home.

If youre serious about pet grooming, youll want to consider a leash harness. There are all kinds of varieties of leash harness for all breeds and sizes of animals, everything from single leashes to double harnesses for particularly stubborn dogs. While the use of these devices seems archaic at times, it is important to remember that the function of the leash harness is to help rather than hurt your dog or cat.

An option for the professional pet groomer is the hydraulic lift table, which has a lift that raises and lowers the table by way of an included foot pedal. This type of table can make the work of a professional groomer much easier, but it is important to remember that for casual groomers the cost outweighs the benefit.

For particularly unruly dogs, I recommend the double harness. This harness has a strap that goes around the back end of your dog in addition to the one that stays around the neck. The additional strap is great because it prevents the dog from sitting down, or from trying to jump off of the table and possibly hurting itself.

Although picking the right pet grooming table can seem impossible, if you follow the steps I’ve outlined here, you’ll pick the right table for you and your pet. Remember not to be sold on fancy features or flashy styles, just choose the table that best meets your needs- your pet will thank you for it.

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