Selecting an exotic Persian cat

November 10, 2018

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Persian cats are a popular choice for house pets in houses all over the world. Perhaps it is the particularly soft and thick coats of hair in combination with a sweet looking face that make Persian cats such a sought after addition to the family.

The Persian cat is available in a wide variety of coat colors with differing characteristics as well. They have been categorized into various groups with some having more value in the estimation of cat lovers than others. Some of the exotic varieties of the Persian cat are as follows:

Eyes that are copper or occasionally blue in color are a good sign of elite breeding and when coupled with a pure white coat you are looking at a very uncommon cat indeed that can fetch high prices amongst Persian cat enthusiasts.

The rich warm chocolate brown version of the Persian cat is another solid colored beauty with class. The chin and lips of the cat are also the same color while the paw and nose leather have a contrasting red color. A set of alluring copper colored eyes adds more uniqueness to the chocolate Persian cat.

This category of Persian cats features some very special varieties such as the Chinchilla silver. This cat has a pure white undercoat with the tips of its hair on the back, head, tail and flanks tainted in black.

Chinchilla Persian cats are arguably the most exotic of all Persian breeds. This is easy to understand when taking into account that in addition to the lovely silver tinge of its coat, it sports a pure white underbelly and black rims around the eyes and mouth.

The shell cameo also known as the red chinchilla is another top variety of the Persian. Its white undercoat is topped with red tipped hair on its back, head, flanks and tail. Even the face and legs have slightly tipped hair making it a truly brilliant cat that stands out from the rest.

The tortoise shell Persian cat must without doubt be included on any short list of exotic Persian cats. It gets its name from the mixture of red and black shading that forms its coat making it look slightly similar in pattern to a tortoise shell.

The tabby Persian cat refers to a variety with a very unusual pattern on its coat. One example of this variety of cat is known as the tabby Persian.

The tabby Persian cat has a very specific pattern that is difficult to describe. It has two lines that run right down the length of its body which start at the eyes. These lines run parallel to each other and in addition to the bracelet like patterns that can be found on its legs, the tabby Persian can truly be considered an exotic variety of Persian cat.

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