Should You Be Worried About Your Pet?

September 9, 2015

in Cat Health

Do you know that dog allergies happen quite more often than many people might suspect? Problems that can arise from these kinds of allergies include the internal organs and also the skin areas. The digestive system is also known to suffer as well.

These allergies develop due to their dogs consuming the usual diet for a prolonged window of time. Data has proven that dogs who have eaten the same type of food for more than 24 months often are the main causes of these dog allergies.

Yes this is not easy to distinguish initially as many pet owners are not aware what might be causing these allergies to their dogs. There are a few factors that can cause this besides food- induced allergens. One reason can be due to the change in seasons of the year.

Do not underestimate this factor as often the dust or weeds can wreak havoc on your dogs immune system. Take note that if you dog suffer from allergies only due certain times of the year then there is a good chance that this is due to seasonal factors. Or if your pet dog suffers from problems in their skin or ear during their puppy stages, then it is likely heredity and points to genetic factors.

Among the many ingredients found in dog food, your pet can react badly to any of them. Generally speaking milk products and dairy-related stuff will more often than not cause allergy problem among dogs. Look out for certain kinds of meats like beef or grain like products.

These food produce sometimes contains artificial flavorings that can create allergic reactions for your pooch. Lastly for food-related factors, take very careful note of fruits as they can also cause problems for your pet dog.

As always, the best advice is that if you think your pet dog is itching or showing any symptoms of dog allergies, take them immediately to the veterinarian. Get a full body checkup. These tests can usually spot right away what are the true issues that your dog is suffering from.

If you dont really like the idea of sending your beloved dog to the vet just yet, you could try to remedy it yourself if the conditions are not serious. One way is to first remove all the normal foods your dog normally eats. Then slowly introduce back each ingredient back into their diet. Once you see the allergy signs appearing after adding in enough food ingredients, you can isolate and guess what the allergic-causing agents are.

Try out this method for some time, say about a month or two. If you achieve good results with it than you may not need to visit the vet any longer. However if the situation persist, then its time to see the doctor.

As a side note, certain dog breeds are more prone to allergies than others. They are labrador retrievers, terriers and bull dogs.

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