Should You Buy An Automatic Litter Box?

November 4, 2009

in Cats

The automatic litter box is a genius little invention for cat lovers who just do not have the time or inclination to hand scoop the box on a daily basis. It is definitely a chore but a necessary one and these handy boxes help to lighten your work load.

Be warned, however, automatic litter boxes are definitely not cheap.

If you are searching for the best automatic box for your kitty and for you then ask yourself a few questions to see if it would be a good fit:

Do you want to be able to choose whichever type of litter that happens to be on sale at the moment?

Do you think your cat will have a problem with switching to a different litter?

Are you fine with buying refill cartridges every month?

Did you know that even if you buy an automatic litter box you will still need to perform regular maintenance duties on it?

If you like trying out new litter brands and are always buying something different or whatever is on sale, realize that with the automatic boxes you are limited to certain types of litter.

Remember, that the box will only work if you use the manufacturer recommended litter.

So, if you are okay with sticking with a certain brand of litter and paying the price for it then you are fine here.

If you have a finicky cat, take into consideration her reaction to the new box and the new litter.

Keep in mind, picky cats may also refuse to use particular litters especially if the grains are hard or of a different texture and uncomfortable to walk on.

Do not lose hope on buying that automatic box, however, since manufacturers will always suggest helpful ways to get your cat accustomed to the new box.

One issue that some automatic box owners forget is the cleaning and maintenance issue. Just because the box is an automatic does not free you from cleaning it completely.

The cartridge must be emptied out routinely and the box also needs to be sanitized regularly. If you think it is completely hands free then think again.

For certain boxes refill cartridges is an extra cost in addition to the litter. Refill cartridges are also an added expense to your monthly trip to the store!

It is important to consider these little extras before you make that purchase, and if you still feel the advantages outweigh the extra cost then go for it!

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