Should You Invest In Dog Health Insurance?

October 28, 2009

in Cat Health

The relationships we share with our pets are often irreplaceable. Their companionship and constant presence can be both soothing and invigorating. Unfortunately, pets suffer health issues and occasionally require costly medical attention in the same way people do. When an emergency occurs and it becomes necessary to visit the veterinarian, many owners are stunned by the costs of performing tests and procedures. If they are unable to afford it, the alternative can be heartbreaking. Pet insurance was created to provide owners with an alternative.

Today’s article will focus on how this unique breed of coverage works. We’ll describe what you can expect after investing in a policy for your dog and how it can reduce the costs of veterinary care.

How It Can Reduce Veterinary Costs

Medical care for canines has come a long way over the past 20 years. Many procedures that are common today were not even possible a few decades ago. As a result, dogs can live longer, healthier lives and receive treatment for a variety of illnesses and disorders that would otherwise have deadly consequences. Of course, as with medical attention for people, the costs of veterinary care have skyrocketed.

For example, a condition called “bloat” (also referred to as gastric torsion) might cost more than $5,000 to treat. Because the condition is life-threatening, an owner who cannot afford treatment may be forced to euthanize his canine. Even a relatively minor leg fracture can cost several hundreds of dollars to set.

To be sure, performing tests and providing treatment for your pooch can be expensive. That is the reasons dog health insurance was created. It allows owners to invest in a policy that helps allay the high costs of veterinary treatment. If your dog becomes sick or is injured, the policy covers the expense.

It works in a similar manner as your health insurance policy. When you visit your veterinarian, he or she will present you with a bill covering the procedures that were performed on your canine. After you pay the bill, you would file a claim with your pet insurance provider. Your provider would then review your claim and send you a check to reimburse you for the treatment provided by the veterinarian.

Is It The Right Decision For You?

Only you can know whether your budget is able to accommodate the premiums attached to a dog health insurance policy. In truth, the premiums are usually slight, especially when compared to the amount of coverage a policy offers. Given that a large portion of veterinary care is attributed to unexpected circumstances (i.e. injuries, sudden onset of illness, etc.), it’s an investment that every owner should at least consider.

The worst possible scenario is to find yourself in a situation that forces you to choose between absorbing a significant veterinarian bill or allowing your pooch to perish. A dog health insurance policy can help you avoid that tragic circumstance.

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