Showering Tender Loving Care for Pets while you’re Away

January 31, 2016

in Cats

Pet ownership in America has often been associated with families, especially those who had someone to constantly attend to their pets’ needs. In the past, singles and couples who often worked didn’t have the luxury to own pets. However, as pets can now be trained to behave while their owners are away at work, they are now being considered more as family members and friends.

Based on the 2005-2006 National Pet Owner Survey of the America Pet Products Association, pet ownership is now 63% of the country’s total households. Most of these households prefer dogs, birds and cats for pets. This is mainly due to their loving personalities as well as their faithfulness to their owners, traits that pet owners are endeared to. In return for such love, owners also lavish their pets with attention and affection.

The quality of love and care that owners give to their pets are often threatened when the owners have to temporarily hand over their pets to other people. This often arises when owners have to travel and be away from home for a long period of time. The separation of owners and their pets are often emotionally taxing and worrisome.

Previously, owners had no choice but seek the kindness of their neighbors to at least feed their pets or in other instances, bring their pets to a new environment where they could seek temporary shelter such as the house of a family/friend or a kennel. Most of the experiences of those who have taken these options have often been heartbreaking: either their pets weren’t cared for as expected or their pets were stressed by the new environment. The bottom line for owners: leaving their pets is as stressful for them as it is for their pets.

These days, a new pet service is being offered to American owners, one which aims to replace all the negative impacts that old options often entail. Pet sitting is a caregiving service that uniquely caters to pets and their needs. This time, owners can let their pets stay at home while being cared for by a pet sitter.

With pet sitting, pets get to stay in the comfort of their home and get their regular dose of tender loving care which is provided by regular pet sitter. Availing of a pet sitting service ensures a pet owner that only one pet sitter will be around to give care to a pet. This assures familiarity and regularity, one which is critical for a pet especially in the absence of its recognizable owner. A pet sitter also ensures that the routine followed by owners and pets are continued while carrying out other tasks specified by the pet owner. Regular routine includes feeding, exercise, play, medication and grooming.

Finally, pet sitting guarantees that only professional pet sitters provide this service. Hence, they are able to ascertain a pet’s needs which owners sometimes fail to notice (e.g. vet schedules, new and effective shots). Beyond these, sitters also make sure that an owner’s house is safe.

Pet sitting is an owner’s way of keeping its pet safe and well-loved. Try it, if you are one! The comfort it brings might just give you a pleasant surprise.

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