Skin Disease Prevention in your yorkie Puppies

February 9, 2010

in Cat Health

Your yorkie puppy does not want to spend the precious hours of his or her new life scratching at a parasite or any other skin condition for that matter. Help your pup out by increasing your own awareness of the following skin diseases for early detection and treatment.

External parasites are fleas, ticks, ice, and harvest mites. These little visitors are a major cause of skin trouble and eczemas. They are easily picked up from wild vermin (e.g. hedgehogs) and other infected dogs or cats.

Fleas may be fought with products found at just about any hardware store or general store but early detection is a must, since fleas multiply quickly. The flea is particularly difficult to eradicate as it lives in the little nooks and crannies around the house and only jumps on the dog to feed; such areas are difficult to reach with flea fighting products so prevent your yorkie pup’s environment from ever getting to such a predicament.

Apply treatment found at the drug store to your poor yorkie puppy’s wounds. Salves and ointments are better applied when the pup is comfortable and in the most warm, loving environment.

Worms must be eradicated at all costs. No human being would want to be infested with worms and neither does any yorkie puppy.

Yorkie puppies may also suffer from one of the unfortunately common general skin conditions that so often can be inflicted. Some common skin conditions that yorkies may be infected with are allergies, dermatitis, or eczema.

Tapeworm may be noticed as “little rice grains” stuck to the hair close to the anus. The tapeworm passes through the “intermediate host” during its development, usually a flea, so it is important to de-flea as well as to give the yorkie puppy a worm dose.

It takes patience to work through general skin conditions for an owner, especially knowing your sweet yorkie puppy is in pain. Always remember your vet will prescribe suitable treatments.

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