Smart Training Tips For Pet Dog Owners

October 23, 2009

in Cat Health

One important part of dog training is to teach him to eat properly. The dog must be taught to eat anywhere, be it outdoors or indoors. He should not cause any trouble when you take him out.

An important part of dog training is to train him to use the crate. Then you can carry the crate anywhere. The puppy should be trained to sit in the crate. As far as potty training is concerned, you should buy a flexi leash and train the dog to go potty there.

The dog should be trained to stay quiet when you are driving the vehicle. He should sit quietly. You can then reward him by giving him his favorite thing to eat. So he will follow your order every time and not make a lot of noise when you are driving.

Dog training sessions can help train your dog to respect you and even love you. If you have trained him well, you will be able to control him in any situation when he seems out of control.

You should never beat or kick your puppy. This will have a bad effect on him and he will not accept your orders. You can warn the dog by saying “No”. Also teach him to use the toilet every time and clean the spot where he urinates sometimes.

Your dog may not stop chewing your furniture. There can be many reasons for this. He may love chewing it. You can give him some chewing toys to chew. Thus he will stop damaging your furniture and keep chewing the toys.

You can paint some objects with foul tasting substances. This will prevent your dog to stop chewing that thing. Such substances are available at pet stores. The Aversion therapy is also very helpful in such cases.

You should obedience training an important part of dog training. Do not train your dog for long hours otherwise he will be bored and not learn anything. Try to teach your dog to follow simple commands and never slap or kick him.

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