Steps To Take When You Have Cat Urine On The Carpet

May 12, 2016

in Cats

Getting cat urine out of the carpet is for some as pleasant as going to the dentist. Not only is it upsetting,but it smells bad too!

Cat urine is one of the more challenging odors to remove especially when not using proper cleaning products.When cat urine is allowed to dry in a carpet, amino acids in the urine actually bonds with the fibers of the rug.

Not only do amino acids bind with the carpet, so do salts. Salts cause a bond with an ionic charge that is increasingly difficult to dissolve the longer the urine has been on the carpet. Steam cleaning, or home made cleaners will not dissolve these strong bonds, actually steam cleaning the carpet may make the problem worse.

Some commercially available “pet odor removers” work by masking the odor by masking the foul smell caused by the bacteria that is using the urine as it’s source for fuel.Other products use compounds in the attempt to absorb the smell.

There may be an immediate relief from odor using these products, (or a home made one) but as you may have noticed, the smell comes back especially on damp, humid days. In order to eliminate the urine totally and comlpetely, you need to use a cleaner which will actually consume the urine. This is done with a cleaner containing not only enzymes but bacteria as well.

So, you got cat pee on your rug? What is the first thing you should do?

1. Remove as much urine you possibly can by using absorbent towels. The spot may have seeped through into the padding of the carpet, so blot a larger area than what is visible. Do not add too much water to the spot, it may make it spread into a larger spot in the padding.

2. Use an enzymatic cleaner that you can inject into the padding underneath the carpet. Inject the cleaner in order to cover a spot 1/2 a foot in diameter, then spray the surface of the spot with the cleaner.

3. That’s it! With the proper cleaner this all that is required from you. Now, keep kitty away from the area until it has dried thoroughly.

Even though it can be easy to let the frustration out on the cat, remember that cats do not eliminate outside the box without some, for them, good reason.

Inappropriate urination is a symptom that something is not OK. You may need to investigate what caused your cat to not use the box along with some enticement to use the box again. Not correcting the reason your cat is not going in the box may keep you cleaning your carpets and furniture over and over again.

Cleaning the area properly, eliminating all traces of urine along with understanding the cause, and maybe using an attractant like the very popular Dr Elsey’s Cat Attract, will soon see a kitty using her box and a sweet smelling home.

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