Stop Cats Scratching Doors and Sofas

January 11, 2010

in Cats

Many people have indoor cats. If you do, then you realize it is a discomfort to exist with cat dander and allergies will make it just about impossible. Moreover, you’ve got to live with cleaning away the litter pan daily, and that’s not fun. However, the single issue which bothers most is that all cats scratch on everything they are capable of getting close to. The couch has been through a million covers, the pillows on the couch have been shredded to small pieces, in addition to this our table appears to be like it’s been attacked by a two year old using a knife. I have still to find a single thing that actually works to keep them from scratching.

We have tried a variety of different method, from yelling at them when they start scratching, to spraying “no scratch” stuff upon the couch, and even purchased them scratching posts and games to enjoy with! shooing them away from furnishings and even a variety of scratching posts. I have still to discover a single thing that actually works to keep them from scratching.

The TV ad was one that attracted my interest immediately. You’ll be able to tuck this into a corner of a room, so it will not stick out like a sore thumb, moreover you do not need to describe to anyone what it is, or the reason you’ve got it. Sounds great!

Some folks have said that there have been a bit of issues with customer service, and they are told they need to purchase the two for 1 discount. If you purchase yours, all you will need to do is choose to just buy one instead of two on the order form. It costs $19.95 for one, nevertheless please remember to add in $7.95 for the shipping expenses. If you do decide you need two of these, all you’ve got to do is give some additional shipping!

My aunt has purchased 3, for the reason that she possesses multiple cats and she saw the ones I bought at my house! She adored the thought of them, and had to buy a few for her cats! They do work, and the tv ad is correct. The furnishings have been saved!

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