Stopping Vomiting in Dogs

November 29, 2016

in Cat Health

Many chronic diseases are linked to prepackaged dog food. Digestive disorders lead to obesity, diabetes, heart conditions and cancer.

What starts as an occasional one time vomiting spell increases to once a month, then weekly and, before long, every other day. From the start, it is a downhill slide for your pets overall health.

The sooner you change your dog’s deit, the greater the chances are that you can reverse any damage.

In order to avoid any possibility of stomach upset, slowly replace the manufactured dog food with the homemade diet. Mix the new with old 25/75 for a few days, then 50/50 for a few days, followed by 75/25 for a few days and then 100%. Most people see a marked improvement in thier dogs health, happiness and vitality within just a few weeks.

You cannot achieve vibrant health for your four-legged friend until you put them on a steady diet of balanced, nutritious food.

A variety of suppliments including; soil-based probiotics, vital lipids, minerals, and digestive enzymes are needed to restore immune competence.

The importance of soil-based probiotics for dogs, and humans is noted by The Royal Society of Medicine Great Britain who states 90% of all chronic disease is caused by an unhealthy digestive system.

What more proof do you need that you are what you eat? Your dog’s health and wellbeing is in your hands!

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