carpet cleaning

The Bonnet Cleaning Of Carpets

September 25, 2010

Bonnet Cleaning ordinarily refers to utilizing a 175rpm Floor buffer with a cotton pad . The Cotton Bonnet is where Bonnet Cleaning gets it’s name. There have been a couple of large national franchise of carpet cleaners that have based their system on Bonnet cleaning with a 175 rpm machine.

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Know the Facts Before You Buy a Carpet Cleaning Machine

March 5, 2010

Most people neglect their carpets until they are way to dirty to ever make a full recovery. This usually means they have to install new carpets in the entire house if they want to ever have something clean to walk on.

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Proper Removal Of Pet Dander And Extreme Pet Odors

September 19, 2009

A pet for many people is equal to having an extended member of the family. It can be wonderful learning your pet’s personality and watching them get bigger. Unfortunately, the price of a pet goes further than the cost you paid in the pet store. In addition to the observable fixed cost like food, there are other cost like carpet cleaning.

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