Equine Arthritis

Needing Someone Who Is Trained In Handling The Most Common Pain, Pet Arthritis

June 21, 2010

Many animals experience a type of animal joint pain at least once in their life, as estimated by animal organization groups. A person who is experienced in this area can provide them relief when this happens. Dr. Ava Frick is a trained expert in animal treatment for various types of animal joint pain like dog joint pain, pet joint pain, and pet paralysis. Check AvaFrick.com for you to understand what types of services she can offer that a lot of animal doctors fail to provide.

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Pet Depression: The Role Of Special Devices In Altering Your Animal’s Moods

April 23, 2010

Pet depression is a serious problems and it is one that must be treated immediately. Same with humans, animals need to overcome these problems or it will lead to other problems, which may be difficult to cure. Dr. Ava Frick specializes in animal chiropractic care and the use of special treatments and devices to help your pet get over the pain that can lead to pet depression.

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