When Dogs Scratch Themselves

July 30, 2010

It is heart-breaking for dog owners who care about their pets to watch them scratching incessantly. Itchy skin can become such an annoyance that a dog will pull all its hair out of a patch and then still scratch its skin red raw. If this happens to your dog, then you know that something is radically wrong.

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Are Cats Easier To Manage Than A Dog In A City Setting?

July 21, 2010

At first, it might not seem like a very good idea to bring a pet into a city apartment since they are, for the most part, cramped and quite small. Having another living being stay with us in our homes might just clutter it up even more.

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Horse Supplement And What To Do And Not To Do

July 1, 2010

Bear in mind, an equine’s development is not complete until it is four years old, yet still many are afflicted by substantial requirements (racing, jumping, and hunting) long before this age. A late-born horse, say in April or May, is still a “child” even though basically a 2-year old and its healthful progress could very seriously be damaged irrevocably.

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Vital Things To Keep In Mind When Caring For Your Bulldog

June 28, 2010

Bulldogs are a lot like some people I know. They love to sleep and hate to exercise. However, that best friend of yours needs to get out and exercise on all four legs. If he does not, you could lose your dog’s health very soon.

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Equine Supplements: Horse Vitamins At Its Best

June 23, 2010

A horse supplement firm’s vision ought to be to provide a cost-effective, simple, intelligent alternative for the over-all physical health and nourishment of the complete horse. Clients should expect maximum functionality and maximum pleasure from their equines as well as 100 % satisfaction, peace of mind from the goods they are working with and the service delivered will be unequalled, uncompromising professionalism, sincere and have integrity they are doing the most they can for the owner and their horses.

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