How To Minimize Cat Allergy

October 4, 2010

All over the world there are people that suffer from the aggravating symptoms of cat allergy. Learning about the things that can be done to minimize the effects of this allergy is crucial for them to be able to experience a healthier and more productive life. Here are some allergy prevention ideas that can help cat-allergic persons find some relief.

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How To Help Your Canine Pet Who Has A Skin Problem

September 20, 2010

Is your dog suffering from skin infection? Do not ignore such symptoms. Skin rashes and itching is not limited to humans alone. Even dogs get these at times. They also suffer from dry skin, oily skin etc. You would have to get him treated at a vet’s clinic and buy the ointments and creams as per prescription. The treatment will also include dietary changes and restrictions.

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Ear Mites In Furry Critters

September 6, 2010

Ear mites are a common annoyance of dogs, cats, and other small and furry animals. They are very small white tick-like insects that live and feed in the ear canal.

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Activities To Help Your Cat Recover From A Cold

September 2, 2010

There may be nothing cuter than a kitten with a cold, but it is no fun for kitty. There are a few things you can do to help out of this predicament.

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Ear Mites And Their Effect On Dogs

August 31, 2010

For many people pets are loved the same way as their children and it makes them miserable when a pet is miserable. Any pet is likely to be exposed to mites at any time. Ticks and mites belong to the same subclass. The name of this common species is otodectes cynotis. This mite chooses to live within the ears of various animals. Transmission of these ear mites can happen just by animals walking by one another.

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