ragdoll kittens

Grooming Your Cat

March 24, 2018

No cat wants to be dirty, and its up to you to ensure that your ragdoll kittens stay clean. Grooming is very important, as it helps your cat remain clean and healthy. Grooming starts with brushing, as brushing helps to keep the cats hair from becoming hairballs. Brushing will remove loose hair, and help prevent the risk of hairballs. A lot of cats have trouble dislodging hairballs. If the cat isnt able to get a hairball out, it could result in a blockage of the intestines. Blockages are very serious, and can quickly become life threatening for your pet.

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Characteristics Of The Blue Mitted Ragdoll And Tips For New Owners

October 11, 2010

As with nearly every newly emerging breed, there is a history behind the popular blue mitted ragdoll. In the 1960s, there was an American breeder in California named Ann Baker. She took her own female cat, a Persian type, and bred it to a male of Burmese sorts. The offspring were of colorpoint with intense blue eyes. They would go floppy with relaxation when picked up, giving them the ragdoll name.

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