traveling with pets

Taking Pets On Road Trips – What You Need To Know

November 30, 2009

No Heads Out Windows: It’s very unsafe for you to let your dogs stick their heads out the window while you are driving. It is an easy way for your pet to get injured by flying debris form the road. You should also never let your pet travel in the bed of your truck. There are so many things that can go wrong (some not even your fault) that this is illegal is most states.

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How To Keep Your Pets Safe When Flying

November 24, 2009

Up until just recently, pets have only been welcome on airplanes if they’re flying with the luggage stored beneath the plane. One of the main concerns we have with this old practice is that most luggage compartments aren’t properly shielded to keep out the extreme hot and cold temperatures that occur during flight. This then goes from bad to worse if they’re forced to remain locked in their cage for hours on end when your flight gets delayed. While you’re up in the terminal trying to finish that book you brought they’re suffering in a dark compartment with practically no room to move around. If a traveling pet becomes ill during flight there is no way of monitoring, let alone being able to assist the animal until the flight has landed in their scheduled destination. As you can imagine this has resulted in countless tragic pet deaths over the years. Due to the growing concern for animals traveling with their owners in the air, most airline companies now enforce stricter training for their baggage handlers, even requiring them to report any adverse incidents to the Department of Transportation. In addition to that most will refuse passage to animals during extreme weather and during the hottest months of summer.

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