Taking Care Of An Aging Pet’s Health

May 17, 2010

in Cat Health

Just like with people, aging takes its toll on pets. Eventually it becomes necessary to take preventative steps to ensure their old age is as healthy and comfortable as possible. Step one, is to have your pet examined each year by a veterinarian. Additional visits maybe necessary depending on your pet’s health.

To be their healthiest, pets need to maintain a healthy weight. An overweight pet has a tendency to have debilitating health problems, such as joint pain, arthritis, diabetes or liver and kidney malfunctions.

Reduce the amount of special treats you feed your pets. Pets love their treats and may be hard to resist, but every extra treat brings along extra calories they will have to burn off to be at a healthy weight. So, when they are begging for kibble keep in mind their health is at stake.

When feeding your pet, it’s best to give it one meal a day or several small meals throughout the day. Be sure to remove any food in the bowl after it has finished eating. Tell your children not to give the pet any extra food and explain why it’s a bad idea.

A consistent supply of fresh water is crucial for your pet to stay healthy and hydrated. Sometimes older pets have trouble reaching the water bowl. If so, use an elevated water dish and place it in a central location so they will always have a drink nearby.

A daily walk is beneficial to your pet and to you. Regular exercise improves circulation and provides a change of scenery so your pet doesn’t get bored. Your pet enjoys spending time with you as much as you enjoy spending time with it.

As your pet ages you may find they can no longer digest dry food or it may be too hard on its teeth. When that happens, switch to moist or canned dog food.

No matter what your pets’ age, regular visits to the veterinarian will help detect potential problems and keep them their healthiest.

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