Taking Pets On Road Trips – What You Need To Know

November 30, 2009

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No Heads Out Windows: It’s very unsafe for you to let your dogs stick their heads out the window while you are driving. It is an easy way for your pet to get injured by flying debris form the road. You should also never let your pet travel in the bed of your truck. There are so many things that can go wrong (some not even your fault) that this is illegal is most states.

Stop Often: Take lots of small little rest breaks so that they can get out and use the bathroom. Remember that your pet has a smaller bladder than you do so they’ll need to use the bathroom more frequently. When taking your pets on bathroom breaks or short walks, try to stick to any pre-determined pet area that can be found at most rest stops. Also make sure that your pet stays on a leash and has proper collar identification any time that you venture outside the vehicle.

Stay Hydrated: Always keep some water handy so that they can re-hydrate at each rest stop. A trick that a lot of people swear by is bringing ice-cubes along with them on any long road trip. This cuts down on the space needed compared to bringing water jugs and is fun for your pet to eat.

Dont Feed Them Extra: You should keep the snacks to a minimum on any long road trip. Fast-food and any other traveler-friendly eateries should not be seen as food sources for your pet. That means no feeding them leftovers as well! That type of food will typically result in poor bowel movement or worse, end up with a sick pet.

Don’t Leave Them Alone In The Car: Don’t leave your pets alone in your car while you run errands. On summer days the inside of your car can easily reach 120 degrees in minutes, even if you have the windows cracked open. Pet thieves also have been known to prey on pets left alone in cars at rest stops, so prevent their attempts by keeping your pets at your side.

Don’t Let Them Run Around The Car: Always keep your pet safely restrained while in your car. Using a pet safety-harness or travel dog kennel are the safest ways to keep your pets restrained and out of harms way. These will not only keep your pet from injury, but they also prevent your pet from distracting you while you are driving. A pet safety harness works just like a regular seatbelt. Let your pet wear the harness for a while before you go on your first road trip. This will get them familiar with the harness and you’ll be able to adjust it for optimal comfort. If your dog prefers a travel kennel, make sure that it has amble ventilation. If you have a large car or SUV, you might want to consider using a vehicle barrier. Always remember that the passenger seat is the last place your pet should ever be sitting while your car is moving.

Comfortable and Secure: The number one thing to focus on should be your pets comfort. If your pet is comfortable then the ride will go smoothly. Their comfort is as important as your own. Imagine having to drive on a long-trip sitting in a seat that hurts or is uncomfortable. It’d make for a pretty un-fun trip! Same goes for your pet. An easy trick to put your pet at ease is to bring along their favorite toy or blanket.

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