Techniques Into How You Can Cure Sarcoptic Mange In Cats And Dogs

March 28, 2010

in Cats

Pets like cats and dogs are commonly kept by many households and individuals. Like humans, these pets are also living things and require a lot of attention and care. Not only do they breath the same way like we do, these lovely pets are also as threatened by natural diseases and ailments. Sarcoptic mange is one of those dangerous medical conditions that your dog and cat can get infected with. It is easy to cure sarcoptic mange in dogs and cats but it is even better to take protective measures to avoid this.

Before we get down on curing mange, lets see what it is actually. Mange is a medical condition that is normally caused due to mite colonies nurturing on furry skinned pet animals like cats and dogs. Due to extremely minute size of the mites, you might not be able to observe their growth and expansion on your pets skin unless your pet starts showing evident symptoms like scratching and scrubbing on a certain portion of the skin.

Like other pet relates issues and diseases, mange also comes in different variations of which some or known and some still need a look into. Two of the most commonly envisioned and observed mange types are the sarcoptic and demodectic.

The common symptoms that indicate presence of scabies in your pet normally visualize in forms of excessive and abrupt hair loss, scratching and crust formation under pets ear. If your pet is showing any of these conditions then it is better to consult a vet expert right away in order to diagnose and manage it in early stages.

The other demodectic form of mange which is also commonly referred to as red mange is dominant in new born pups. This mange is relatively less harm full than scabies and the transmission route is normally from the mother to kid.

Dogs normally do not have the potency to get this disease again in their lives if they are not born with it. If you have a pup that has some visible bal patches, then it is better to take him or her to vet or apply some commonly available red mange curing ointments. This form of mange does not always cause too much of itching condition in a young dog or pup, but if they are diagnosed with this mange type then it is better to get rid of it.

Prevention is the only way you can reduce mange occurrence chances. It has been observed that dogs and cats eating overcooked and substandard food are more likely to end up getting scabies. This is owing to the fact that over cooked dog or cat food not only adds bad lipid acids to your pets diet but also adds non nutritional aminos in pets blood stream and reduce pets immunity.

You can opt for the dog or cat food that contains omega graded fatty acids that not only help keep your pet healthy but also enhance the natural immunity against mange producing elements. Taking these preventing measures will not help you keep your dog away from mange nuisance, but now you also know how to cure sarcoptic mange in dogs and cats.

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