The Advantages Of Cat Furniture And Dog Steps

July 27, 2009

in Cats

Pet owners know that their dogs and cats have special mobility needs. That’s why dog stairs and cat furniture were invented!

Why get dog stairs? Think of the exploding popularity of toy-sized dogs. They’re adorable, but their size is a drawback when it comes to getting up to places to be with their people: chairs, couches, window seats, and many kinds of vehicles, especially large trucks, sports utility vehicles and vans. Small dogs and older, arthritic dogs have trouble getting to these places. You can solve this problem by getting a set of pet stairs (which are not limited to dogs–they’re great for cats as well).

When looking for a set of dog steps, it’s important that you take into consideration the material of the steps. While there are many colors and wood finishes to choose from, your main concern should be the sturdiness of the steps. There is a general rule to go by, which is: large dogs (over 35 lbs) require steps that are 16 inches wide, medium dogs (above 20 lbs but less than 35lbs) should have steps that are 14 inches wide, and small dogs (weighing under 20 lbs) should have steps that are around 12 inches wide. You will also need to check the weight restrictions for the stairs to make sure that they can indeed hold your dog’s weight.

Cat furniture is a completely different ball game! Cat’s enjoy climbing, and it is in fact good for them, as cats do not generally fulfill their exercise needs by romping and running around, as dogs do.

The perfect choice to get your cat off the kitchen counter is a climbing tree or tower. As with dog stairs, it’s important to get the right design for your cat or cats, and to get something of good quality that will last for many years. If possible, get a cat tree that extends from floor to ceiling with several shelves for perching and sleeping. The cat tree or tower should be completely covered in carpet, rope or other textured material to give your cat plenty of climbing traction.

With so many households containing a dog or cat, the amount of retailers carrying dog stairs and cat furniture are growing rapidly. There are many websites online that you can browse, which is probably your best bet if you’re looking for something cheap or a little more customized.

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