The Airedale Terrier: King of Terriers

April 26, 2018

in Cat Health

The terrier group of the canine kingdom is notorious for their viciousness and fearless disposition when it comes to defending their dignity. It’s surprising to learn then that this group has a particular breed that they hail as the king. Being a king, however, does not mean that this breed is the most vicious and cruel but instead, it is the largest in size, warmest in devotion, and highest in intelligence and versatility.

The Airedale Terrier is the King of Terriers and many can attest that it is stately and regal in a lot of aspects. This breed is well-taken care of today but originally, they were used as working dogs in 1800s England. With the progress of time, many skills and uses have been discovered to be lying dormant inside this breed.

The Airedale originated in England, in the region called valley of Aire during the 19th century. The Yorkshire men, who are the inhabitants of this land, crossed small terriers with large Otterhounds in order to come up with a large terrier that can perform multiple tasks such as hunting and retrieving shot fowls in the waters of the valley rivers. The Airedale Terrier, as a result, came out possessing great hunting instincts, a superb sense of smell and a natural affinity to water.

During the first years of its existence, the Airedale Terrier worked as rodent and bird hunter, otter catcher and game retriever. For the family that owns it, it served as a reliable companion and, because it possesses the natural traits of a terrier, became a superb watchdog. The breed wasn’t really popular until the outbreak of World War I when it was discovered that it can be of great use in the battlefields.

During the war, the Airedale became a military dog, peace keeping aid and many other positions in the armed forces and medical organizations. Two great nations, Great Britain and Germany, became the first two countries to use the Airedale as their police and military dogs. All in all, the breed served as guards, messengers and ambulance during the chaotic years of war.

Being a war messenger, the Airedale became very admirable as it delivers dispatches even if its severely wounded from the battles. Many dying soldiers were also rescued among the dead in the battlefield because of this dog’s accurate sense of smell. As a guard, the Airedale is courageous and would stand its ground against injustice therefore it became excellent post watchers during the war.

These successes of the Airedale werent kept from the masses and so it became popular among citizens including presidents Woodrow Wilson, Warren Harding and Calvin Coolidge. People also added the title King of Hearts to this brave and devoted war hero and up to this time, the title remains unchallenged. Moreover, since the war ended, the Airedale has been rounding up the dog sports circuit and has won many awards since then.

The Airedale is the largest of all terriers and it has stringy and rough over coat and smooth undercoat. Another distinction in its physique is its densely bearded snout and long hair- covered legs. Being its natural self, no one can dispute the title of the Airedale because disposition-wise and stance-wise, it is innately regal and magnificent.

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