The Battle With Dog Fleas Can Be Won

August 30, 2018

in Cat Health

Fleas have to be the most annoying thing that most pet owners inevitably deal with at one time or another. The hardest part of getting rid of fleas is that they seem to just keep coming back. Most often the reason that fleas “keep coming back” is that you never fully got rid of them in the first place. The second you notice your pet might have fleas, you have to start the flea control process immediately, as time is of the essence when it comes to stopping fleas from multiplying.

There are two significant areas that will require your attention. You must pay attention to both areas otherwise you will never win the battle against a flea infestation. The first and most obvious area of attention is your pet itself. The second area of importance is killing the fleas that have jumped off or have fallen off your pet and now live in your carpets or linens. The second category also includes flea larvae.

To get rid of the fleas which are actively biting your dog, you have a few different options. Flea medications, such as Frontline for flea control are effective, and are easy to find at your vet or pet supply store. However, chemicals such as these can be harsh on your pet, and if you are conscious of chemicals in your home you may want to look for alternatives. There are natural ways to rid your dog of fleas, including baby powder, olive oil baths, and garlic.

Getting rid of fleas in your house can be difficult. The first step is to wash all bedding that your cat or dog may have come into contact with. Wash everything in hot water and dry it in a tumble dryer if possible. There will be flea larvae in the bedding. The only safe and natural way to kill these is with hot water. Take every mat or area rug outside and don’t bring them back in until they have been thoroughly cleaned.

You need to vacuum all areas of your house and furniture, especially carpets, corners, closets, cracks in floor boards, under beds etc. If possible, steam cleaning your furniture and carpets will be even more effective. Don’t forget to throw out your vacuum bag after vacuuming, and this means completely out of the house. Vacuuming should be repeated often (daily if possible) over the next while in order to catch any fleas or eggs etc that were missed the first time. This will be a huge help in avoiding a re-infestation.

Getting rid of fleas can be an arduous and monumental task. You need to be diligent and methodical. Fleas pose a serious health issue to your pet and also to your family. Devote an entire weekend to the task. If you seriously attack the issue whole-heartedly then you will have the most success.

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