The History of Persian Cats

March 22, 2015

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You may be surprised to know that many people think Persians are the oldest breed of cat’s, however there are many different thoughts on this. Despite the different thinking on this most people believe that the Persian cat originally came from the country known as Persia, which we now know today as Iran.

It is believed that in 1620 Persians were first introduced into Italy and at about the same time they were also introduced into France, and this does seem to fit with all the documented history that we have of the Persian cat.

From France it is thought that the Persian was introduced into Britain, although at this time they did not have the long hair that we know of today. What happened is that they were bred in Turkey with the Turkish Angora cat, and this is where the long hair comes from. It does need to be pointed out that a lot of people think that the Persian was bred with the African wildcat and this is where their long hair came from.

What everybody does agree upon is that these cats are highly valued. They have always had a rarity value and they have always been the first choice of royalty. And actually at one time it was only royalty, and the wealthy that owned a Persian cat.

It has to be said that not everybody shares the same beliefs as regards the introduction of the Persian cat some people believing that it was in fact a descendant of Felis Libyca, a cat that originated from Africa and Asia. They also believe that it was actually the Romans who introduced the Persian into Europe at the earlier date of 1500s.

We can be certain about the time that these special cats were first introduced to the United States and Canada. This occurred in the early 1900s, and from that time on, the cats gained in popularity, quickly becoming the most popular breed of cat in the world, which is a distinction that the breed still holds today. In fact, Persians started out as symbols, and became pets, after which they were prized for their show quality. Today, they are prized for their show and pet qualities, as many Persian owners never show their cats, while others are active exhibitors.

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