The Kinds Of Dogs That Are Suitable For People With Allergies

August 11, 2010

in Cat Health

It is a little known fact but there are certain breeds of dogs that people consider to be hypoallergenic. You would imagine then that these breeds would be of the short haired kind but you would be wrong. Not all of these dogs are of the short haired kind at all such as Yorkshire terrier or even the Afghan hound. Both these breeds of dogs are relatively safe for people that suffer from allergies.

It has long been assumed that all dogs will cause these allergy sufferers to have bad reactions when around them. This however seems to have been a totally wrong assumption.

It has been proven by certain studies that many breeds of dogs do in fact shed lesser amounts of dander and pet hair which makes them quite safe for allergy sufferers as they do not pose a threat to their allergy.

Although this is good news for dog lovers that suffer from allergies it does not mean that they will have no reaction at all to certain dogs. It does however mean that they will not suffer the usual reactions that are associated with dogs and allergy sufferers.

Also this does not mean that these breeds of dogs will not shed any pet dander or hair at all. It is just a fact of life that dogs do shed their dander and unfortunately you will still have to clean it up as a build up of this will give a reaction eventually.

Many allergic reactions are not caused by pet hair as people wrongly assume. The allergic reactions generally come from the dander that is omitted from the dog with the hair loss.

This is where a lot of sufferers make the mistake of buying the wrong breed of dog. Many people are under the misapprehension that hairless dogs are safer for them. This is not true as a lot of hairless breeds of dogs sometimes shed more dander than long haired dogs and as we know it is the dander that causes these allergic reactions.

If you can find a dog that sheds less dander then this would be the perfect choice for any allergy sufferers.

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