The Missing Link Plus Cat Supplement Joint Health Solution.

June 1, 2014

in Cats

Created with high quality wholefoods and concentrated foods, the design of Missing Link Plus is to replace empty calories with nutrient rich and unprocessed foods in your pet’s diet.

Thousands of years ago your dog was very different. In fact, life was very different, without all the gadgets and conveniences we now take for granted.

Imagine your dog as he would have been thousands of years ago. Apart from being a whole lot less friendly, how else do you think his existence would have differed from today?

What he ate would have been totally different. His diet would have consisted of meat that he had hunted for, complemented by whatever tasty natural wholefoods he found on his travels.

All his food would have been entirely unprocessed, raw and healthy. Quite different from these days, isn’t it?

Heavily processed foods are not good for humans, and in fact they are not good for dogs either, often lacking important nutrients.

The Missing Link was developed to try to somewhat bridge the gap between the past and the present.

It comes as a dry powder, sealed for freshness and freeze dried to lock in all those nutrients. This highly nutritious superfood contains Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty oils, probiotics, antioxidants, dietary fiber, phytonutrients and enzymes amongst other substances.

With ricebran, kelp, molasses and that wonder food – sprouted green barley – as well as yeast and flaxseed, your dog will enjoy a new level of health and vitality, in one easy supplement.

Choose between the two formulas, Canine Formula or Canine Plus Formula, for extra goodness.

With added veggie glucosamine to aid healthy joints, The Missing Link has all the goodness of the standard formula and more!

Your pet’s immune system will also benefit from all the nutritious and free radical busting antioxidants.

Older dogs, those will arthritis or joint stiffness will benefit most from the Plus formula.

The Missing Link is reputed to boost your dog’s health; this may be in terms of digestion, condition of coat, reduction in allergies, and itchiness, an increase in energy, faster recuperation times and much more

His scent may also reduce in potency.

For every twenty pounds of dog weight you will need to give one teaspoonful per daily meal, up to 6 teaspoonsful for animals over 100lbs.

Continuous use will produce the greatest benefits of treatment.

Choose Missing Link Plus to give your dog all the benefits of the past with the advantages of the present, for a healthy future.

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