The Perfect Pet Urn For Your Pets Ashes

January 28, 2010

in Cats

The best way to honor your the loss of your pet is to choose a pet urn that reflects its personality. You can often find pet urns at your vets office or a local pet store but you will pay a premium. When you buy a urn for your pet online you can often find a much wider selection. They are often made of many different materials and come in many different styles leading to a difficult choice.

When you lose a pet the loss is often sudden and making decisions on burial or cremation can be a difficult undertaking but even having a pet memorial that will house mementos, photos and keepsakes can often help with the pain. Pet urns come in many styles such as burial, memorial even biodegradable depending on if it will be for display or buried. The most common materials are stone, metal, wood or ceramic. Often metals will be brass, bronze or copper. The use of wood is common and the list of woods used is too many to list here. Ceramic pet urns are very common and are often made into vase shapes or figurines or something a little more personal.

Regardless of a the material you choose it is more important where you will place your pet urn. If it is indoor on a mantle material is not really important. If it is to be placed outdoors in the elements you may want to stick to metals and stone that is and enclosed container that keeps out the elements. Most metals will tarnish or show weather within a year or two. Depending on the metal you could use the appropriate metal cleaner and in some cases use an acrylic floor wax to help protect it from the elements. The best way to do this is to slowly wipe it on with a clean sponge to avoid small air bubbles from forming on the surface. The wax will not keep it forever but keeps it looking like new for a longer period of time between cleanings.

Photo pet urns are becoming quite popular. They are often made of many materials and have a place holder for a photo of your beloved pet. They may also have an area to engrave either a likeness of your pet and some loving words. This is often done with laser engraving. Most materials using this process are either stone or wood.

Consider stone or metal for a lasting burial urn. Many people often plant a small shrub or plant over the area to designate it as a pet memorial. You could also use yard ornaments or concrete statues to mark off the area as a dedicated pet memorial.

You may have recently lost your dog, cat, rabbit, bird or another friend from the animal kingdom regardless of how you shop for pet urns you have many options to choose from and when buying online you often have a much larger selection that if you buy veterinarians office, or a pet crematorium pet funeral home. When you buy a pet urn online you will often save a lot of money and buy something much nicer in honor of your pet.

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