The Perks Of Pet Ramps

July 13, 2009

in Cats

In America alone, do you know how many households have dogs? About sixty three percent. If you think about it, that equals to about seventy million households!

Dogs are not only a great form of protection and security, they’re also terrific companions and can be loyal until the end, which could be sooner rather than later if you don’t take preventative measures to ensure that your dog remains in top health. This includes the use of dog ramps and steps. You’re probably unsure how these items can extend your dog’s health, but read on to find out just how important pet ramps and stairs can be.

Every single dog out there, even those healthy ones are not dismissed from getting spinal or join injuries from jumping. In fact, many of those breeds that have short legs, long spines, overweight bodies or sensitive bones are at higher risk.

The ramps and stairs are “cushy” and will help keep joint impact to a minimum, as there is no longer a need to jump. This accessory will also reduce the chance of your doggy developing laziness as an alternative to painful jumping. We know you care about your pet friend and there are many benefits to reap from using pet stairs. Where can you go wrong? It prevents injuries, promotes healing and reduces jumping. They are also washable, so they are not something you have to keep replacing.

Some issues are hereditary for certain dog breeds, such as Rottweilers and Pit Bulls who are very prone to hip dysplasia. Dachshunds are also very susceptible to spinal injury due to the length of their back. Other issues that may develop are arthritis, bone wobblers syndrome, osteopathy, and bone tumors. Many of these can be prevented or prolonged with the aid of pet stairs. Other perks to owning a pair of dog steps or a ramp is that you won’t have to worry about jerking awake in the middle of the night to your dog pouncing on your bed! Instead, let him quietly maneuver up onto your bed without the need to jump at all.

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