The Right Model For Feeding A Kitten Or Cat

March 19, 2010

in Cats

Cats and kittens have completely different nutritional needs to dogs and cats. There are things that you would happily give other animals that are actually poisonous to felines.

Overfeeding is a common problem is that people think their cats are too thin. Cats are meant to be lean, so make sure you give it the amount of food that it requires. A general rule is that a cat needs about ounce of food for every pound of its body weight. So an average 8lb cat with no special dietary needs only requires 4 ounces of cat food.

Always ensure that you steer clear of the cheap cat food in favor of a top quality brand which will have all the nutrition and vitamins that your pet need to stay healthy.

One vital requirement to a cat’s nutrition is taurine. You will probably know this better as an ingredient in many popular energy drinks. To your cat, however, this amino acid can mean the difference between them keeping the eyesight they are famous for, and blindness.

Cats also need a steady supply of Vitamin A. Other animals simply synthesize this vitamin for nutrients, but cats are unable to do this so we must ensure that they get it in their food.

Raw liver is one way to give your cat their Vitamin A, but a lot of cats refuse to eat it, and a lot of owner find it abhorrent. Braking open a capsule of cod liver oil and adding it to their normal food is a much more acceptable of doing it.

Although there are feeding guides on all cat food, these are just general and there are a lot of other things that you should take into consideration.

Some of the major considerations are the cats age, its weight, how much exercise it gets, it’s breed and if there are any underlying health problems. You cat is unique so these guides should never be followed to the letter.

The most important of all, of course, is that you must avoid over feeding at all costs. Our modern pets have never had it so good, but rich treats are detrimental to their well being.

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