The Things You Can Try To Do Regarding Pet Allergies

February 20, 2010

in Cat Health

The the amount of allergy sufferers are escalating yearly and there can be numerous kinds of allergens which can cause our immune systems and go crazy. What we will examine today are the allergic reactions caused by pets, namely dogs and cats.

The most obvious sign that you have an allergy to pets, is that when you come into contact with them, you start getting all the symptoms that hay fever sufferers do. For some even more severe cases, breathing difficulties might occur, from just touching a pet’s bed, or cushion.

Just like people who are hyper-sensitive to pollen or dust mites, itchy or red eyes can also be attributed to allergies caused by pets. You might also experience tearing of the eyes as well and they can come about if you rub your eyes after touching a dog or a cat. To be more accurate, the pet hairs are not the culprit, but the pet dander.

If you’ve never heard of the word “dander” before, I’ll explain it. Dander’s similar to dandruff on human scalps and but they’re much smaller flakes of skin, so small that it isn’t obvious to the naked eye.

Pets normally shed these microscopic flakes of skin throughout the day and are easily spread throughout a home. They attach themselves to carpets, furniture and clothing and have an extremely long life span. This is why when people who have pet allergies enter a house with pets, they start sneezing uncontrollably regardless of whether or not the pet is at home.

If you’re considering owning a pet anytime soon but you know you have an allergy to dander, then look for specific breeds that do not shed as much skin. Look on the internet for information on hypoallergenic pets and you will find a huge list of animals that you can include in your home safely.

If you already have a pet and you really don’t want to give it away, consider installing an air cleaner in your home to reduce airborne contaminants such as pet dander.

There are several types of purifiers in the market and you might find small portable air cleaners for your room, and larger units for the entire house.

If, perhaps you are browsing for an answer for your allergen hypersensitivity and also to filter the air of contaminants, you can get a lot more information about whole house air purifiers together with other great makes of dust air purifiers.

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