The Tough as Nails Terrier, The Patterdale Terrier

May 20, 2018

in Cat Health

Adopting a Patterdale Terrier as a companion is no easy task so take note of the following helpful facts. First, be aware that this dog is extremely energetic and energetic dogs have special needs. Second, know that the Patterdale is one tough hunter therefore don’t be shocked if it suddenly attacked smaller animals.

The place of origin of the Patterdale is Northern England where the lands are barely livable, the weather bitingly cold and the surrounding all barren and rocky. These conditions allowed the Patterdale to grow up strong, willful and intent on surviving and finishing the important hunting tasks. Because of their superb concentration and admirable hunting attitude, people dubbed them as “tough as nails”.

By the time when other terrier breeds were hailed by the whole world, the Patterdale remained undiscovered in the remoteness of northern England villages. It was only in the 1950s that this breed was brought to the attention of the United Kennel Club. Back in the villages, the Patterdale Terrier was an outstanding hunter of vermin such as foxes and rats that prey on unsuspecting flocks and food crops.

The northern part of England was all hills, rocky terrain and harsh weather. Vermin would usually hide beneath rocks and deep holes that it was very difficult to chase them out. The Patterdale grew up in this situation and it became good at hunting and chasing out animals that lurk in the hard and deep holes of the rocks.

Today, there are many people who opt to have a Patterdale for a pet but be forewarned. This breed may be small and loves to sit on your lap but it in no way has become a lap dog. Just like the nature of all terriers, the Patterdale is still very energetic, curious and loves to hunt small animals so keep it away from cats, squirrels and mice.

As a real terrier, the Patterdale is active, playful and a ferocious hunter outside but inside the home it is placid, tame and less of a yapper. It is also friendly among people even little children. It is naturally stubborn so obedience training can be difficult sometimes.

The Patterdale Terrier has a minute size just like a toy dog and came from the mother breed of many terriers, the black and tan terrier. It possesses three types of coats and they are smooth, rough and broken. The smooth one is very short, smooth and coarse; the rough type is coarse and only long on the head, ears and muzzle; and the broken type is long all over the body and feels coarse.

Like most infinitely lively dogs, the Patterdale needs something to get busy with always. Without an activity to keep it occupied, it tends to get bored and will find other means of entertainment such as digging and nipping. Keep your Patterdale mentally and physically fit by taking it for daily walks and regular intense playtimes.

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NICOLE EDMONDSON September 22, 2009 at 3:37 pm

I have been thinking about buying a lakeland terrier cross patterdale but have two cats would i be able to bring the puppy up to not hurt the cats? with getting it at 8 weeks old please help me decide what to do as i do not have a clue about this breed please reply to me ASAP as i haven’t got long to decide

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