The Truth Concerning The Portable Sonic Dog Repeller!

July 18, 2010

in Cats

Suffering from dog bites is usually the postal workers. That is since they do not have the benefit of utilizing a portable sonic dog repeller. Scaring away dogs and cats is very easy with this smart gizmo. They discharge an ultra sonic sound up to a hundred twenty five sound levels which in turn will force all dogs to run rapidly into their kennels.

Of course, the sonic repeller is effective but not just for postal staff. This smart gadget can be used by anybody at any place or any time. They are easy to use, safe and sound, as well as equipped with a practical buckle clip. Listed underneath are just a few of the remarkable benefits a portable dog sonic repeller can provide you.

Perfect Protection against Unruly Stray Dogs

Stray dogs pose a threat to many people and that includes you. They could chase you and they will bite small children who are simply walking on the street. If you have a portable sonic dog repeller, then these problems will not bug you anymore.

Nearly all postal staff is carrying a portable sonic dog repeller while still delivering the mail. This is because the effectiveness of the device. If you have children who are walking the streets or ride the bikes to school then this will be suitable for them. This will mean you will now no longer have to worry about stray dogs on the pavements. To scare the dogs away all you need to do is press the activation button on the repeller.

Safest gadget to scare away dogs and cats

The humane way control unruly dogs and cats. Humans cannot hear you want to 125 decibels sonic repeller. It is not a threat to your ears and perfectly safe to use even by small children.

Using on the animals will also not hurt them in any way shape or form. They will just look to escape from the area to avoid the loud decibels. This avoids you having to harm the cat or dog. Because of this, the portable sonic dog repeller is also perfect as an effective training tool.

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