The Value And Variety In Pet Strollers

September 26, 2010

in Cats

Being the parent of a small pet can be much like being the parent of a small child. Many times leaving them home alone is difficult because they want to be with us. While pets need sufficient amounts of exercise, there are times when taking them for walks is not possible or convenient and pet strollers are a perfect solution to allow a trip out of the house.

Even inside dogs and cats need the occasional outside trip to add variety to their lives and stimulate their senses. Fresh air and exercise tends to make them much happier and healthier pets that sleep well at night. With some however, circumstances do not allow for them to take long walks or join us during brisk walking or jogging trips.

Strollers are available for cats and dogs that may need assistance due to health problems or that simply are too small and fragile to take on longer walks in unpredictable areas. They can be purchased for pets of any size, so there is no reason for the older big guys and girls to be cooped up at home. When purchasing one, it is important not to go by the weight considerations alone, but also take the appropriate measurements of the pet.

Another very important factor that needs to be considered when purchasing one for a pet, is where the most walking will be done. If the area is smooth and mostly sidewalks, then smaller wheels will be sufficient. If hiking is something that is done frequently and rougher terrain is involved, it may be important to purchase a version that has larger wheels or interchangeable wheels.

Several all terrain models are available and are usually made with shock absorbers. The construction on this type is also different and usually much more sturdy. When planning to embark on many new places, this may be the best choice. This particular type is also good as a jogging stroller and is equipped with only three wheels.

It is important to consider how the pet feels about their privacy also. For small dogs and cats there are particular types that have a separate curtained compartment to the back to allow the pet privacy whenever they like. The front section is net so that they can see everything outside.

Many people have more than one small pet and that can be accommodated as well; one can stack on top of the other with no problem. These are made for two pets to be able to stroll together at the convenience of the owner. They are equipped with the same privacy features. It makes a great way to transport pets in inclement weather and keep them dry.

It is important to remember before purchasing the exact dimensions and weight of the pet. If jogging is something that is done on a regular basis, a stroller with three wheels is necessary and it should be some type of all terrain for sturdiness. When investing in the perfect stroller for your pet, they can go with you everywhere and in style.

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