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March 31, 2019

in Cat Care

by Winston Hill

Don’t know what your cat’s cat chat is telling you? This could very well be the case if you haven’t been around many cat chats. One of the tricks is to pay attention to the animal’s meow. To figure out what they are trying to talk you need to determine what type of meow it is. The Siamese cat is very vocal with their cat chat discussion.

Its In The Purr

Using their “voices” is something you can expect all cats to do. Communicating what they are thinking is done by this animal’s Cat Chat. Pay attention to their “talk” to find clues about your pet’s feelings. The difference in pitch, intensity,frequency and pace are part of the clues.

A frightened or anxious kitty will have quicker then normal meows. A relaxed and confident kitty will tend to have slower then normal meows. Of course this is only one way they “talk” to you.

The purr is another one of those ways and is specific to the cat animal. Kitty will purr when it’s content. When they are ready to be sociable cats purr according to cat behaviorist.

Be Aware

Make a point to not simplify the purr because it can also mean your kitty is in great pain, feeling uneasy or nervous about something. There are even cat experts that believe the purr is a form of meditation for the cat. The message being a way to seek comfort within if you may.

Their true mood can also be ascertained by how they hold their tails. The way their tail is moving has meaning as well. Of course your kitty isn’t a dog so remember that a dog wagging his tail means one thing and a cat doing the same will mean something different. In fact when your kitty is doing this it signals annoyance or maybe confusion.


Smart but emotional animals would be a great way to describe your cat wouldn’t it? After reading this article you can easily see that your main job is to pay attention and be patient. This will enhance your cat chat with your cat so that it is mutually satisfying and enjoyable.

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