Tips on Picking a Pet for Your Family

February 9, 2010

in Cats

There are a lot of parents who love to buy pets for their kids as kids love them and hence they have to consider which pet would be the safest for their child. Here are a number of pets that have been listed as a possible option for you to choose from and make your kid quite happy and joyous. Some of the pets are okay for kids while others may prove to be dangerous. This is what should prompt you to get adequate details before making your choice.

Fishes: These can be one of the finest selections since they are the least harmful. Kids can enjoy looking at them and feeding them when all they do is stay inside their water. These are not even very expensive so you can easily buy them right way. Fishes are easy to kept or do not require too much maintenance either. All you have to be sure of is their feeding time and quantity.

Some of the species are very delicate and if they overeat they can even die. One problem with fish is that they do lie too long. So your child can get upset on the loss if he gets too attached to his pet fish. Some children may want to hold their pet but with fish this cannot be possible.

Rodents: There are some rodents that can be chosen for pets like gerbils, rats, hamsters and guinea pigs that provide a wide choice in pets. While these are small in size, children can hold and feel the too. These can be put in any corner of the house and they do not need any high maintenance also. If you take good care of them, you will avoid problems created by their biting and chewing that they do when disturbed. Being energetic at nights, you will have to be sure as at that time your kid will be asleep.

Rabbits: These are also quite playful like rodents even though a tad bigger. It is possible to not only cuddle up to them, but kids can also play with them all day long. They also like to enjoy the exercise with kids. It may be a problem to catch these swift creatures though. If you are not careful they may end up chewing up your doors as well as cords.

Apart from this, there are many chicks, kittens, pups and birds that an be kept as pets though they have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages. Do look at all angled before you make up your mind.

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