Tips To Help You Buy Appropriate Toys For Your Feline Companion

September 18, 2010

in Cats

Anyone going to a pet store will be amazed at all of the various toys that are available for your favorite cat to play with. It is true that cats are very choosy animals, but they also can be easily entertained.

Since cats tend to go through growth and maturity spurts, it is important to get a toy that is relevant for the age of your cat. This article can help you to find the right kind of product to put your feline in a playful mood.

Cats love to jump, climb, scratch and run. A cat tower is a great place to start because it will be a natural place for them to have fun instead of on your furniture. There are tons of different kinds to choose from, so finding the right one for your home will be easy.

As far as toys go, cats absolutely love playing with toy mice. Not only is it great fun for them, but they also can hone their hunting skills, which is a natural urge in most cats. Get a package of toy mice, preferably ones with long and strong tails, and watch your cat go crazy with fun filled playing.

If you want to see your cat turn into an acrobat, get them some catnip and watch them go crazy. They are fun to watch under normal circumstances, but catnip turns things up a lot and your cat will do things that you never thought possible until the stuff wears off.

Catnip does have some drawbacks, and you need to be careful not to give them too much, because it can be addictive. To avoid creating a monster, use a little bit at a time, and make it an occasional treat.

Because cats are so easily entertained, they can find fun with a lot of different things, including ones that are laying around your house. So, look for old rope, stuffed animals or small objects that slide easily on the floor. The options are limitless, and it all depends on what kinds of things your cat likes.

Cats love to play and hunt, and when you give them the right toys, they will be delighted and impressed that their owner is so understanding.

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