Tips To Raise An Orphaned Puppy

October 1, 2010

in Cat Health

Lots of puppies over the world are orphaned at a young age. This normally happens when their moms die at an earlier age, or has a disability that prevents it from feeding the puppy.

Orphaned puppies must not be deserted however as they can be catered for by the human owner. They should however be taken to see the vet when the start eating.

Apart from being time consuming feeding, bathing and playing with the puppies can be extremely rewarding and a nice thing to do.

Making sure their environment is clean and neat is a perfect way to keep them safe form diseases and illness. They must be socialized as well. You can play with them and even let them be among their own kind. Their food must also be prepared carefully according to the specified procedures.

To ensure the well-being of the puppies all the above must be taken into consideration and debated on if you can do it.

Special care must be taken when feeding the puppy. It must always be on its belly and not on its back. This must be done through tubes or bottles. Bottles are however safer as they do not pass straight into the lung and choke the puppy.

Many people feed their puppies seemingly harmless foods that actually cause havoc for the young puppy. An example of such foods is cow and goat milk, raw egg which creates a deficiency in the puppy. Honey is extremely fatal for puppies. Puppy Formulas are the best bets to use. Formulas like Esbilac and Puppylac are examples of safe formulas for the puppy because they nutritional for them.

The puppies require this amount of calories the next four weeks after birth. Week one: 60-69, week two: 70-79, week three: 80-89 and finally week four: 90-100.

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