TLC For Older Pets

September 7, 2010

in Cat Health

Pet owners place a great value on the companionship of their beloved dogs and cats. This is the reason for the high quality medical care that most pets enjoy. Pets can get treatment for almost any kind of problem that humans receive medical care for. But as they age, dogs especially will experience more health problems than they did when they were younger.

Through the course of these paragraphs, you will get a good look at a few different aspects of this general topic. You will learn about some of the things you can do to take care of your four-legged friend in his golden years. We’ll also discuss a few of the more common problems that dogs experience as they mature. Hopefully this will help you to recognize potential health problems so that you can get help early on.

Choosing the food that your dog eats as they age will be a very important step towards keeping them healthy and strong. Just like humans, dogs’ nutritional needs change as they get older. There are special blends of foods available that are enriched with the minerals and vitamins that can help older dogs stay healthy and strong as they get on in years.

In addition to what kind of food your dog eats, you’re going to want to pay attention to how much food he eats each day. While you are still going to want to get them regular meals, you are not going to want to overfeed them, as this can be very detrimental to their health in the later years of their life. In the later years, dogs are more apt to gain weight and get overweight as a result. This makes it hard for them to move around, which can make life very difficult.

You have to be aware of some of the more common conditions that affect dogs as they age. It will be beneficial to you and to your pet if you are able to spot these conditions in their early stages and be prepared for them. Almost all dogs get arthritis at some point in your life. Did you dog used to follow you everywhere, but now he doesn’t want to go up and down the stairs frequently? It is difficult for him to get up after he’s been laying still for a while? Your vet can prescribe something to make him more comfortable. Make sure you do a thorough pet insurance comparison now so that this kind of cost will be covered when the time comes.

Sometimes older dogs’ coats start to look a little thinner as less lustrous. Supplements available at the pet store can be used to improve his coat, making it thick and healthy. Over time, though, the supplements may not do the trick completely. In this case you’ll need to visit the vet and see if there are any other problems.

No matter how well you take care of your pet, eventually their vision and hearing are going to suffer. So what this means is, you are likely going to have to provide some provisions for them in the way of smoother paths to their favorite spots and a little more patience when you are calling for them to meet you somewhere.

Really, a dog that is in its golden years is one that has given you the best years of its life. The bargain that human caretakers make is that we will take care of our beloved pets throughout their whole lives. This starts with your constant consideration of dog health and well being.

One of the most important things you can do to ensure your pet’s health is to get pet health insurance. In order to make sure you get low cost pet insurance that offers real coverage when you need it, be sure to do your own pet insurance comparison.

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