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November 8, 2015

in Cats

When the permanent teeth begin to erupt, provide your toy kitten with an appropriate chew toy, something that is soft and that is not going to be swallowed and cause intestinal blockages.

Choose an assortment of toys of all textures. In fact, cats need to chew throughout their lives. It is wise to provide your adult toy cat with plenty of chew toys and bones that are soft and hard. Select items that are the right size for your toy breed kitten or cat.

Some vet dental consultants think toys that look like stringy dental floss are like chewing on a rag and can be loaded with harmful bacteria when they get dirty. Wash your toy kittens toys often in the washer along with their other belongings and use Clorox bleach in the wash.

If you are serious about finding if the cat will be best with your family, you can employ the services of a professional cat trainer in your area and have them run a temperament assessment. They charge around $75 an hour – but it may be worth it. If you use the trainer later with your cat, they will probably do the assessment for free.

Special treats can help make his new bedroom a pleasant place to stay. Give your kitten a small treat every time he has to go into his crate. Make his new bedroom comfortable. Get him a soft clean but durable blanket.

To make cleaning easier you will want to pick an area with no carpet, kitchens and laundry rooms are the usual spots. As the kitten grows you will want to shrink the area covered by the newspaper. This method is not suggested for larger cats as the mess they create will be larger than a papered area or you could handle.

If you catch your kitten chewing something inappropriate, sternly say NO, and give your kitten an appropriate chew bone or toy. Praise him when he begins to chew on the appropriate item.

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