Train a Cat and Conquer Your Universe

April 28, 2009

in Cats

Cats can be described as cuddly, mysterious, playful and athletic animals. They are adorable creatures that make excellent pets. Cats have different nutritional needs than dogs; this is important to remember especially if you have both as pets. Check with your veterinarian for information about healthy foods that are nutritionally balanced for cats and dogs. Cats can be trained just as any other animal.

Kittens are active and require some training. Many people prefer to adopt mature cats that are trained and relaxed. Kittens are excellent because they don’t have any bad habits yet and you can begin training them your rules right away. Older cats are often best if you are a low energy person and you don’t have time to constantly be looking after a kitten to ensure they are not getting in any mischief.

Kitten training is the art of enhancing your cat though instilling a completely different behavior. Kitten training is effective because cats are very much receptive to positive reinforcements. Kittens are very active and inquisitive, full of movement and always get into the smallest of troubles. Kittens require more attention and also need more socialization to integrate into the household.

Pet stores have as many gadgets and necessary supplies as the average baby store ” and the percentage of items that are actually useful is about the same at both stores. Pet cat training is one thing you should enjoy as a cat owner. You should enjoy each and every moment with your cat.

Cats are very willful creatures that insist on scratching things, jumping up on counter tops, and doing just as they please. Cats might remind you of stubborn children. Cats are like people and they all have their own personality. This of course does not mean that cats can not be trained

Positive reinforcement will give you the best results while training your cat. This just means to reward your cat for a good behavior. Positive rewards for positive behaviors works well in cat training just as it does for training other pets. If there is a particular type of treat your kitty enjoys you can reinforce positive behavior with the treat.

Cat training is not very difficult. The claws of a cat can scratch and ruin the furniture. Scratching the furniture is a cat behavior problem that is fixed with designated scratching posts. While you may have a wild kitty, thinking that you are going to be able to complete cat training in ten minutes is simply not a reality. Cat training is about teamwork with your cat, and you need be consistent in your training, lavish with your praise, and generous with rewards.

Toilet training sociable cats that love being praised makes the training task much easier. It will take between 2 weeks up to even 3 months, depending on the response or the personality of a cat. Litter training cats is not as difficult as many people usually think. A lot of people are under the impression that cat training is difficult. Cat training can be easier than you think.

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