Understanding Your Dog’s Barking

April 22, 2010

in Cat Health

Dogs bark for many reasons: to scare off intruders or to get some attention. The breeding of dogs has helped the dogs to develop their barking abilities to allow them to tell us things.

Proper training in dogs is important in many ways. It is important for us to be able to understand what a dog is trying to tell us.

Try to always know what your dog is trying to tell you. If you just reward your dog when he barks it will only keep him quiet for a while, and then he will start to bark again. This is because he is associating the reward with his barking.

If your dog is one of those dogs that are always barking incessantly, you need to figure out what is causing this. If a dog just barks for attention, do not give it any attention until it stops. That way it will associate attention with calmness.

Try not to encourage your dogs barking with rewards. If you wait until he is quiet before you give him a reward this will make him aware that quietness is the correct way of getting the attention he wants.

There are some dogs that will bark at almost anything. If someone comes too close they will bark. They sometimes even bark at people who are on the opposite side of the street from you. These are very territorial creatures.

The way to try to stop the dog barking all the time is to try to distract him when he barks. Once you have got his attention try playing with him until he is quiet. Once he has quietened down you could give him a treat, that way he will recognise that being good and not barking will get him more rewards.

If you are a dog owner you will know that taking the time to train your dog properly is a must. With the proper training you will always be able to tell what your dog is trying to tell you. This surely is a must win situation for the both of you. He does not have to bark all the time to get your attention and you have a peaceful life instead of the constant barking that could drive you mad.

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