Treating Pet’s Hip And joint Pain With Canine Chiropractic Care

March 11, 2010

in Cat Health

I treat Orville, my 13-year Golden Retrieve as my baby always. I have spared no expense in his care, including the best trainer, groomer, food and supplements, and veterinary care.

I began noticing signs that he might be having trouble with his hips and joints recently. I wasn’t too concerned at first as it might just be signs of aging. I was alarmed to learn that Orville might be in pain upon looking it up online. So I asked friends who happened to have a couple of older dogs as I hated the thought of my beloved companion hurting. They took their dogs to a veterinarian who specializes in chiropractic care for their canine, feline, and equine patients when they had a similar experience.

I scheduled an appointment with Ava Frick, DVM with her Animal Fitness Center, near St. Louis, Missouri since my friends recommended her. They praised Dr. Frick and were convinced that her care had made a difference in the quality of their dogs’ lives.

Orville’s introductory appointment with Dr.Frick took place one month ago and we just had his second appointment this afternoon.

Including pain that the pet might be experiencing in their back, leg, or even in their tail, Dr. Frick told me that she offers chiropractic care for dogs due to many reasons.

Disorders of the human nervous system, musculoskeletal system and how these systems impact our overall health are what chiropractic care focuses traditionally. Since it concentrates on the dog, cat, or horse and its nervous system, muscuskeletal system and their impact on the pet’s health, animal chiropractic care is similar.

Same expectations from the first time you consult any doctor or veterinarian, our first appointment involved providing Orville’s health history. A visit to a veterinarian is no exception, it is also important to establish a thorough, accurate history when you visit a health care provider for the first time. Dr. Frick asked questions about Orville’s current state of health and she also asked what led us to make the appointment.

She had Orville lie down so that she could exam him and adjust his spine, similar to what I have experienced when I visit my own chiropractor. Orville was okay all throughout the exam. He actually has always loved to be messed with and it seemed like he was relaxing during a massage. That is, until Dr.Frick paid attention to his hips. Orville snarled just a bit, so Dr. Frick was even more careful in that area, and for the rest of the exam.

Dr. Frick talked to me about the importance of making sure Orville gets more exercise after the exam. She said that we needed to strengthen the muscles in his back legs. Even a small amount of exercise each day would prove beneficial. Something that I thought was really interesting was Dr.Frick’s advice to tickle Orville’s tummy while he was standing. She said that this would help his spine since a dog will automatically hunch up when his stomach is touched.

I have been impressed with the care provided by Dr.Frick, and I am also glad that we have achieved such great results without stuffing pain pills into my dog.

Ava Frick, DVM oversees canine Fitness Hub in Union, Missouri. Her veterinary practice aims are canine nutrition, rehabilitation, pain handling, and canine chiropractic relief.

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