Treats Your Dog Will Love

April 18, 2010

in Cat Health

Dog owners love giving their dogs treats, and obviously the dog itself is a grateful recipient.

Wherever you go for your dog treats, you can’t have failed to see the vast array that is on display. Be careful about what you buy, some of those treats can be very bad for your pooch.

You would never think that your dog could be harmed by his treats, but it is possible. Here are a few things that dog lovers should bear in mind before they part with their cash for their treats.

Manufacturers of dog treats are very clever; and market them as having a dual purpose. Greenies are a prime example, as they are meant to clean your dogs teeth too. A puppy can easily choke on a Greenie, and you should never leave an older dog alone with one either.

Another popular favorite are the rawhide chews. I don’t know of a dog that doesn’t like these. These keep your dog occupied and clean their teeth at the same time. Unfortunately, rawhide chews can also prove to be dangerous.

If your dog is particularly fond of his rawhide treats, you don’t have to stop giving them to him, just be careful. As a lot of foreign rawhide is preserved in nasty chemicals such as Arsenic, make sure that when you buy this for your dog, you only buy rawhide from the US.

Even though chocolate is the biggest selling treat in the world, were you aware that chocolate is in fact toxic to cats and dogs. When you have a lot of it around, at Christmas etc, put it in a cupboard so they can’t steal any when you aren’t around.

There is an ingredient in chocolate that in a small amount can give your pet hyperactivity, and in a large dose could kill them. This ingredient in call Theobromine, so keep the chocolate locked away.

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